Monday, April 11, 2011


I had one job to do this morning and I failed. I am really embarrassed to admit this, but I NEVER make Justin lunch. (I also never iron his shirts. Mean huh?) So I promised him I would start making him lunches because his idea for lunches was getting too expensive and very unhealthy. Actually what really happened is I was sitting at the park eating lunch with my friends when I got this text. It said I am going to pay Ben (coworker) 15 dollars a week to make me lunch. WHAT? seriously I was laughing so hard. A. you are lazy B. I have two hands you know? not to mention I am your WIFE. isnt that my responsibility? Today was the day I was going to start. I was even going to be an easy baby steps one, no getting up early to making a sandwich or anything just put yummy leftovers in the sack from last nights dinner. I can do that right? Wrong I TOTALLY forgot. I suck at this wife responsiblity crap. Oh well tomorrrows another day right? I am going to put a sticky note on my forehead so when I wake up and look in the mirror it is going to say LUNCH backwards. So I am asking all you wonderful wives who clean, cook, and look fantastic all the time. what do you make your husband for lunch?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jazz Dunk Team

I have been telling you this boy has skills. He is the very first one they show if you couldn't already tell. Its kinda hard.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just like YOU

Ruthie LOVES her cousins. Whenever they are around she wants nothing to do with me. She becomes a little copycat. She seriously idolizes them, especially Andi and Kate.
Well we were so lucky to have both of them visit this weekend! On Friday Jodi and the kids came to play with us at the dinosaur museum. Their favorite part was the sand water with the hidden dinosaurs.

They really liked the ice cream too. The best part is the kiddie ice cream cone is free for three year olds and younger and only 25 cents for everyone else. I can do that!
Cohen was such a sweetie and shared his Buzz doll with Naomi. She loved it!
Then later that night my sister Kathryn and her family came in town and stayed with us for the weekend. Ruthie was glued to Kates side. Seriously look at how close she is standing next to her.

We got to play lots of dress up while Kate's parents, older brothers, and Justin went to the BYU game to watch the cougs win! Anyways while the princesses, me, and Naomi were playing picnic one of us (Naomi) tooted. Kate looked at me and asked "who did that?" I told her Naomi and asked her do you toot? She looked at me and said "No. Princesses do NOT toot. And we are princesses." Well Ruthie I guess did not feel the same way for she stood up at that exact moment and pushed hard while looking at her bum to get a toot out then busted up laughing when she succeeded. NICE Ruthie very princesses like!

the girls in their matching pjammie j's from grandma!

We love you cousins!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy and Healthy

After two weeks of both kids having RSV (naomi pneumonia), ear infections, two doctor visits, one hospital visit to get naomi's nose deep suctioned, antibiotis.... We are finally better and smiling again!

When we heard there was suppose to be snow over the three day weekend we said Aww H no we are getting out of here and headed off to Vegas. As always we had lots of fun with the family eating , watching byu, and pretending to be princesses. My mom has a fun little closet full of Princess dresses, crowns and shoes. I wanted to do a full on photo shoot but Roo was not going for it.

You like that tattoo? There's actually a funny story behind that involving me watching glee and Daddy and Ruthie interrupting me by counting to 3 and ripping off their shirts to show off their muscles and a RSL tattoo. It was really funny mostly because Justin is SO white! haha

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


In my totally biased opinion, I had the cutest Valentines yesterday!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentines and gave lots of hugs and kisses to those you love!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Girrrrls. Night. OWWWuutt! A couple of girls in my ward and neighborhood got together and made these cute valentine's wreaths. I am not a crafty person at all. Actually I am really retarded when it comes to crafts. When I was trying to pick out fabric to make this I was trying to be creative and get lots of different fabric thats not super matchy but still look cute. You know how people can do that? Well, I can't. When I took the fabric to the counter I asked the worker if she liked it and she said, " Um it doesn't really match." Uh ok I suck... So i decided to be safe and went with the fabric below. I still need to add ribbon to it so I can hang it. heres the site we got the idea from

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ruthie and Daddy What we is Remix

Mommy is so cool that people are always tring to be like her, including daddy. Don't blame him. She is amazing, smart, beautiful, ect ect. Well I don't need to tell you guys something you already know ;) Anyways she is not even in these pictures, so I will stop bragging so you guys can start looking at the what we is Remix.

We is so stinkin silly.
We is momma's cutie pies.

We is momma's little lovebugs.
We is bad to the bone.

We is funny bunnies!