Monday, December 29, 2008

It's about time..

I am terrible at this blog. Maybe my new year's resolution will be blogging more. Anyways I thought I would write about Christmas. We went to Vegas on Christmas Eve just in time to have dinner with the Leavitts and it was delicious. Then we woke up early and put Ruthie in her Santa outfit that my mom gave her. It was absolutely adorable (later on she had the biggest blowout and had to throw it in the wash right away)! Then we video taped ruthie in her new jumperoo. When we figure out how to add videos I will put that up along with a million others. Our daughter is just too cute. She is really starting to get her own little personality. I love it! Justin and I say about a thousand times a day how cute she is and how much we love her. Back to christmas... It was wonderful! We were spoiled we got so many fun things. We were looking at ruthies room and she has a TON of new toys. The funny part is I think she enjoyed the boxes the presents were in more than the present itself. But the best part was just being with family, playing games with them, and going to the magical forest. The Leavitts got a game called Imaginiff and even though I think I got last place it may be one of my favorites. Thanks Monte and Sally and Mom and Dad for a great christmas!

We bought a little christmas tree from a lot down the street to put in our apartment for Ruthie. She loved it she wanted us to hold her in front of it all day. The first time we put it up she just talked and smiled at it. Justin did the decorations all the decorations. I loved them. I thought they were cute and kiddie and perfect for Ruthie! He is the best little Daddy.. We love him!