Saturday, August 29, 2009

My new fav pic

We decided to go back to Wheeler Farm again and actually look at the animals this time. Ruthie loved it! She would run around chasing the ducks who would try to waddle as fast as they could to get away from her. The funny part is she couldn't waddle fast enough to catch up to them and they were sooo slow. We also saw horses. It was really exciting because they would come right up to the fence to see us. Ruthie loved them so much that I think she was trying to copy them. She got on all fours and decided to eat the ground. YUM!

this one is my new favorite picture. isn't it sweet?! I love my little monkeys!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How cool is THAT?!

First of all I think we can all admit my husband is the bomb diggity dig with some awesome talent. Well, because of his awesome talentness he was asked to try out for the Utah Jazz Dunk Team and of course made it. But that isn't the coolest part.... He is one of four dunkers who get to go with the Utah Jazz to London and Spain for a week in October to perform during half time!! And since he is going with the Jazz players they will be taking a chartered plane that is supposed to be amazing. So if there is anything you want him to ask or say to D-Will, Kirilenko, or Kyle Korver just let us know. I was thinking maybe Justin could get a picture with D-Will and then we could really see if they look alike. Well enough bragging about my wonderful husband. I just wanted to say HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Search & Win

Hey guys my friend told me about this thing. All you have to do is use it as your search engine (in place of google or yahoo) and you can win these swagbucks. Once you gather so many you can turn them in for prizes like gift cards! Pretty cool huh?

One thing my friend said that she was going to do was collect these amazon gift cards and use them for Christmas. I thought that was a good idea, so I joined right away and it doesn't cost you anything. If you want to join you can click on the thing above to get started and they will start you out with three swagbucks right away! plus I will get some for referring you.. ;)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wheeler Farm Carnival

Today we went to the Wheeler Farm's Charity Carnival that raised money for abused children. We had so much fun! They had lots of fun booths like:

the swing merry go round thingy.. This was Ruthie's favorite. I think she went on it 5 times.

the train

the pinewood derby painting... which i had my first experience with calling poison control after Ruthie took the brush and tried to paint her tongue. Thank goodness it is craft paint and water based. They said she should be fine, but it can irritate the skin. No problems so far!

then of course they had some fun dancing!

This was Ruthie's favorite group. They were so cute.

Don't you think Ruthie would make the cutest addition?

One of the booths was used books 3 for 1 ticket. We had to take advantage of that. You can never have too many!
Justin was so tired and Ruthie was having fun messing with him. She is such a funny bunny!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Grandparents Visit

This weekend we were lucky to have Justin's parents come visit us Thursday and then my parents the rest of the weekend. We had an awesome time. And not just because we ate out every night at yummy places like Sweet Tomatoes, Jason's Deli, and Ruby Tuesday. But also because Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt came with presents that they bought for us on their Yellowstone trip. Ruthie got this adorable shirt that says "I moose be loved" and cute little moose socks! And we also got yummy huckleberry almond flapjack mix with huckleberry syrup that I cannot wait to try. Here are some pictures from this weekend. I know there are no pictures of anyone but Ruthie. I am sorry I think my daughter is the cutest thing. Next time I will be better...