Monday, April 11, 2011


I had one job to do this morning and I failed. I am really embarrassed to admit this, but I NEVER make Justin lunch. (I also never iron his shirts. Mean huh?) So I promised him I would start making him lunches because his idea for lunches was getting too expensive and very unhealthy. Actually what really happened is I was sitting at the park eating lunch with my friends when I got this text. It said I am going to pay Ben (coworker) 15 dollars a week to make me lunch. WHAT? seriously I was laughing so hard. A. you are lazy B. I have two hands you know? not to mention I am your WIFE. isnt that my responsibility? Today was the day I was going to start. I was even going to be an easy baby steps one, no getting up early to making a sandwich or anything just put yummy leftovers in the sack from last nights dinner. I can do that right? Wrong I TOTALLY forgot. I suck at this wife responsiblity crap. Oh well tomorrrows another day right? I am going to put a sticky note on my forehead so when I wake up and look in the mirror it is going to say LUNCH backwards. So I am asking all you wonderful wives who clean, cook, and look fantastic all the time. what do you make your husband for lunch?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jazz Dunk Team

I have been telling you this boy has skills. He is the very first one they show if you couldn't already tell. Its kinda hard.