Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family Treasure

For Ruthie's birthday her great Grandpa and Grandma Leavitt gave her this adorable toddler chair. My favorite thing about this chair is that it is hand made. I can't remember the exact story but I think it was made for Justin's dad by a neighbor who was from Germany. I feel so lucky to have it. This gift is something our family will treasure forever. Thank you Great Grandpa and Grandma Leavitt. We sure love you two!!

And of course I have to mention that cute little dress and pair of shoes Ruthie is wearing is from her Grandma Cooper. Isn't she adorable?!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Year

I remember when I was young the most exciting day of the year was Christmas. My brother and sisters and I would wake up before sunrise to see what Santa brought us. As soon as my eyes opened on Christmas morning I felt a rush of excitement go through my body, and I quickly ran to the living room where my stocking and presents were. Sadly, as I grew older this unbelievable excitement began to wear off. I was still very tired when Christmas morning came, so I slowly made my way into the living room. On more recent Christmas mornings I have wished that I could feel that feeling once again.

Often times I wake up to the sound of Ruthie talking, singing, and playing in her crib. A feeling of excitement rushes through my body, and it's a feeling that I recognize from Christmas mornings as a kid. As soon as my eyes open the tired feeling is gone and I hurry into Ruthie's room to take her into my arms. She is the greatest gift I have ever received. Because of this feeling I have for Ruthie I know that the bonds we develop on Earth will not end at death. Families can be together forever. Because of Jesus Christ we will be resurrected and live forever. Our purpose of life is to do whatever is necessary to be sealed to our families and live with them for eternity.

Happy Birthday Ruthie! Daddy loves you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's time to PARTAY

We decided to go to Vegas for Ruthie's first birthday so we could be with family. If you read my last post you know how sick Ruthie was Thursday and how worried I was to be leaving the next day with her feeling that way. Well she was fine the rest of the day and Friday morning. That afternoon her car seat that we ordered for her birthday finally came in. Just in time for the trip! She sat right in it as soon as I took it out of the package. I was debating whether or not to take it on the though, afraid she might get sick again. We took it anyway because I felt like she should have it on her birthday. Especially because that was the only gift we got her. Car seats are not cheap! Well I should have trusted my motherly instincts (or common sense) and taken the old car seat. We made it all the way to St. George with no problems. Then all of a sudden I look over at Ruthie to see brown water running out of her shorts AND all over the new car seat! We drive off to the side to clean her and the car seat as best as we can with wipes. When we made it to Vegas she threw up! I felt so bad for her, but was so grateful that it was the end of our trip.

Sunday was Ruthie's actual birthday, but we decided to celebrate it Saturday. We wanted to keep it a simple and a stress free party. After all she was only turning one and probably would not remember much. What could be more simple than having a swim party?! Then for food we had sandwiches. We ordered a yummy meat and cheese platter from Larry's great western meats. And of course we had to ask great grandpa Leavitt for some tomatoes from his garden. They were delicious and totally made the sandwiches!!

Ruthie had lots of fun in the water, but the best part of the party was having her family around to celebrate with her.

Ruthie was showered with so many gifts. We don't know how we are going to fit them all into our apartment. We have the best and sweetest family. Thanks again! she loves them all!!

Good thing her older cousins were there to help out with the big gifts. Just look at that face.. no struggle at all for this tough guy!

Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of her stuffing her face with cake because she DIDN'T. I think she was a little overwhelmed with everyone singing to her. She actually cried the whole time. It didn't help that she might have touched the candle. I felt so bad for her. And a little sad that she might be the only one year old that does not have a picture with cake all over her face.
oh well maybe next year!

We had a wonderful weekend and were pooped by the end of it...This was after she threw up just as we were leaving Las Vegas to go home, hence the towel behind her. You thought I would have learned the first time. She actually went four days without throwing up so I thought we were safe! Just goes to show you should never assume the flu goes away. It lasts forever! at least it seems like it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poor little Girl!!

Well we almost went a year without Ruthie throwing up. Of course she has spit up, but not thrown up.... until this morning at 5 a.m! I gave Ruthie her bottle in bed because I was so tired. A little while later she started crying again. I was planning on just giving her the binkie and going back to bed. That was until I noticed her hair was drenched and stinky!! I felt so bad.. I swear I never just leave her in the bed with a bottle. I always hold her. The worst part is I almost was going to let her cry it out. Anyways I gave her a bath and after we got out she threw up on me! Then after wiping her down and changing her she threw up for the third time. I thought it might have been the meat sticks she ate because she has not had a lot of meat, so I figured maybe two was to much for her stomach to handle. But this morning after only drinking two ounces she threw up two more times. I called the nurse and she said to get pedialyte and keep them informed on how she is doing. Since I don't have a car my wonderful neighbor went to the store and bought it for us along with some saltines. Poor little Ruthie girl. I feel so bad for her. The worst part is her birthday party is supposed to be Saturday and I really hope she does not stay sick for her FIRST birthday. We are going to drive home tomorrow so pray for us! She acts like nothing is wrong though. She even helped out with the dishes!!

While we are on the subject of her helping out around the house, I thought I would add these from the other day. Ruthie loves taking out her dirty clothes so she can sit in the laundry basket!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

I have decided that Justin and I are not very good at disciplining. We give Ruthie anything she wants as long as she will stop yelling at us. This morning she was yelling at us to take her outside. She knows now that when we put on her shoes that means we are going outside. So she brought me her shoes and I told her I would put them on, but we are not going outside. Yeah right! Daddy took her to the store and her reward for being such a pill he got her flowers, bubbles, and cinnamon rolls. He said she was just staring at the flowers at the store and they were only 5 dollars.

Ok thats nice and sweet and all but now look what I have to deal with... This is her yelling because she doesn't want just one flower she wants all of them!

So we gave her some cinnamon roll to stop crying. Here Ruthie if you yell you get a sweet. That is pretty much what we teach in this home.

And you say two year olds are worse than this?? Wish me luck! If things get too out of hand don't be surprised if one box of Ruthie shows up at your door...

Don't worry I would never really give her away. As much of a pill as she can be I still love her more than anything!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday stroll in the park

Today has been a wonderful mother's day. Justin has spoiled me. He made all the meals today, did the dishes, and took care of Ruthie. He probably went all out because I reminded him at breakfast that it is Mother's DAY not just breakfast! Which he then reminded me that Father's day is next month and it's payback time. We ended our Mother's day by going to the park. I hope your mother's day was as good as mine and that your husbands spoiled you too! Here are pictures from the park.. if you are like me and think Ruthie's outfit looks a little boyish that is all her daddy's doing! Good thing she is so cute that it doesn't even matter.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I am sure the last thing you guys want to hear is me vent so you don't have to read this.... Today our neighbor below us complained about Ruthie being too loud. I feel terrible because he is this elderly man who NEVER leaves the house and being a stay at home mom I don't leave the house much either... not good for him or us! I also feel bad because he said he has some nervous disorder so the noises really make his nerves jump and he shakes. He has complained before so I already feel like I am walking on eggshells but its SUPER hard. I understand where he is coming from. We can be very loud. Especially with Ruthie still trying to get the hang of walking, there are lots of crashes. She likes to move the chairs in the kitchen which I try to stop her as soon as she starts to. But its hard I can't follow her around and not let her make any noise. He asked us to try and keep her out of the kitchen which is half of our apartment. Oh boy this is going to be fun.... Our lease is up in a month so I don't really know what to do. We didn't really want to move because I love our location and have made a lot of good friends with babies Ruthie's age. He pretty much said if we don't quiet down he is going to call management. So any suggestions as to what I should do? Crying from frustration and complaining is all I can think of.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Hope your day is full of lots of chips and salsa!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I wannabe a coupon mom! I was talking with my neighbor the other day and we got on the subject of groceries. Both of us keep budgets and compared what we paid on average for groceries. Ours was quite a bit more. She claimed they only pay about 250 a month for two adults and a baby Ruthie's age?! That is including going out to eat! Is that possible? Am I the only one who pays more than that a month? I really try to eat cheap. I buy things on sale and the cheapest brand. I hear about these people who use coupons and can get their groceries for almost nothing.. How do you do that? So I was wondering if any of you know how I can save money on groceries? WITHOUT having to own the newspapers with all the sweet coupons... It might be impossible!