Saturday, September 27, 2008


Last Saturday we were able to use my parent's tickets to go to the BYU game. It was Ruthie's first big college football game. We didn't have a byu shirt for her but made sure she wore blue and white. I was a little nervous to take her. She was actually really good. In fact she fell asleep a couple of minutes into the game even with all the noise around!

Daddy and Ruthie cheering the cougars on

Too much excitement for this little one

Today we went to a park in Sugarhouse. We decided we needed to spend some time outside while this gorgeous weather lasts! It was a really pretty park. It had lots of flowers and a pond with duckies.
Ruthie so excited to be outside. She looks like her cousin Andi when she sees a cat.

I love how Ruthie is grabbing my face.

Looking at the duckies.

Justin works really close to where we live so he is able to come home for lunches. He made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and let Ruthie play with the jar of jelly. It was so funny she was checking it out and then shoved it in her mouth.

I have never seen one of these. What is it daddy?

Yum Yum I like it!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

One of Justin's good friends from high school, Sean Doney, asked Justin to be on his softball team a few weeks ago. We weren't able to go to the first two because one landed on my birthday and the other one we just spaced it. Tonight we were finally able to make it and we were so excited. Justin loves sports and I love bragging about him. He is especially good at baseball. At first the game was not looking good the other team was up to bat and scored 9 runs in the first inning. We only scored 2 and were for some reason not able to catch balls. By the last inning we were only down by three and the bases were loaded with Justin up to bat. He saw the ball coming towards him and hit that ball out of the field! He won the game. It was a walk off grand slam! His two biggest fans were going wild in the stands. Ruthie was so excited she had tears running down her face.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ruthies Cherry Outfit

Ruthie's Aunt Aimee gave her this cute outfit. I had to take pictures!