Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Gone

It's gone... My long hair is GONE! I chopped it off last night. Well I didn't I went to a salon close to my house. My hair was the longest it has ever been and I slaughtered it. Here is what I wanted... Here is what I got. I did have bangs so it couldn't be exact... And I didn't think I could go that blond. I LOVE her hair color but I just don't think it would look good on me. She did do it a little longer but next time I might chop it right to my jaw line. I am really happy with how it turned out. I think she did a good job!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Give me a Challenge!

I guess Ruthie thought the little desk was too easy to climb. We were in our room and this girl climbed onto our bed so fast. She had already done this a couple of times before I got the camera out and by the end of the video she already looks bored. It looks like she is thinking of what she can climb next!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday Justin was playing a game with Ruthie. He would pretend to be a lion and would growl while pouncing on the bed after her. She was laughing so hard that she was out of breath. After they were done playing he set her on the ground and started talking to me. While we were talking I looked out of the corner of my eye and Ruthie was sitting on the desk that is connected to our bed. I asked Justin if he set her there and he said no. So we set her on the ground to see how exactly she managed to get up there... with the video camera in hand of course. And here is our smart little girl climbing onto the desk. I know the desk is really low, but it is still impressive to me. It is up to her belly!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

I love to read. The library is two minutes from our house and we go there a lot. I love it, Justin hates it. The problem is I do kind of ignore him when I read. Sorry can't be bug while I am reading. So my friend told me about this book called The Hunger Games. I don't know if you have heard or read this book, but I thought it was really good. When I first heard about it I was not quite sure if I wanted to read it. Its about an annual game this nation has every year where two kids from each district have to fight till the death until only one is standing. If that was not bad enough, the capitol tapes it and makes the districts watch it on t.v. I know it sounds gruesome that is why I was not sure if I wanted to read it. I had to think of it as a book and make sure I didn't imagine it as something that our country would ever consider doing.

One thing I like about it is that even though its about killing she didn't focus on making the killing gruesome. I thought it was interesting and it made me think because at the front of the book where they describe what the book is about it says, "..set in a future with unsettling parallels to our present." This made me think what made this author write this book. Is she against war? Something I thought of while I was reading this book was about how gangs these days video tape the horrible things they do and post them on the internet. They want to send a message to everyone of what they are capable of doing. What is this world coming to? I am so scared for the things Ruthie will have to face. I am interested to know what others thought of this book. Has anyone else read it? What did you think? And now that I am finished with this book I need another one to read. Any suggestions? What are some of your favorites?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Basket full of Goodies

Easter was so much fun this year. Kids make every holiday more enjoyable. Everyday for that matter... Well most days anyway! Sunday morning we went to my cousin's baby's blessing in Lehi. They named him Janson and he is one cute little boy. He is absolutely perfect. I love seeing newborns. I am amazed at the miracle of it. How 5 little perfect fingers and toes are formed. When looking at a child you know it was a miracle only Heavenly Father could perform. Oftentimes I get too caught up in my looks. I hate my body because I am too fat or I look ugly. I forget what was given so I could have this body. I am reminded of the blessings that come with having a body everytime I see a newborn and feel ashamed for how ungrateful I am at times. Thanks for inviting us to see that cute little angel!

Easter this year seemed like a second Christmas for Ruthie. She was a little spoiled by her grandparents... of course! She got two dvds, two books, much needed socks, and candy. Because she got so many fun things Justin and I decided to get her something she needed. We got her a little umbrella stroller. We love it. It is so much easier to use than a huge travel system. Ruthie loved it too. She was happily kicking her legs when we set her in it and did not want to get out. As for Justin and I, we each got a chocolate bunny, sour jelly bellies, and pringles. Here are some pictures of Ruthie enjoying her gifts in her adorable little Easter dress. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Cooper & Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt!!

Sorry for the picture overload but Ruthie was being so cute one day after her nap that we had a little photo shoot. That cute outfit is from her Uncle Chris and Aunt Ashlie. As is that adorable bunny that Ruthie adores!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Conference Weekend

I know conference weekend has past but I found some pictures on my camera and had to put them up. We had a wonderful conference and the best part was having Justin's family here to visit. The first night they got in we went over to their hotel to go swimming. This is one of Ruthie's favorite things to do. Why wouldn't it be? It's a big bathtub! She was drenching everyone with her splashes and jumping off the side of the pool into daddy's arms. We also made sure to be at their hotel every morning for some delicious breakfast.
Ruthie was really cute during conference. I wish I could say she was an angel and intently watched conference, but it was quite the opposite. She was playing the whole time except when the choirs sang. Then the television had her full attention. She loves music just like her mom. During priesthood session the girls hung out. We went to eat at Zupas a wonderfully yummy soup and salad place. They give you a chocolate dipped strawberry with your order! After that we came back to our apartment and watched Bedtime Stories. It was a really funny movie. We will be renting it again so Justin will be able to see it.

Grandpa is a very good story teller. As you can tell from Ruthie's face she is very amused. You wouldn't even know that is a local Salt Lake City magazine that tells you about things to do around town. To Ruthie it was one of the best books anyone has ever read to her. I don't even remember what he was saying but it had us all laughing!

Justin told grandma and Haley how much Ruthie loves to be spun in a chair. Grandpa was not happy that they were doing that to his granddaughter. But as you can see from that smile she loved it!

All weekend Haley wanted to take Ruthie outside but it was a little cold. Finally on Sunday it was warm enough to take the baby out and sunny enough to wear those cool sunglasses! Thanks for a GREAT weekend Leavitts come back soon!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When Bode came to visit....

Last week I didn't get a chance to blog because I was having too much fun with Justin's cousin Gelsey and her family! They were in town for some training for Kipp's job. We had a blast with them in town. We introduced them to two restaurants that we love to go to, Rumbi Island Grill and Matsu Sushi Grill. We also were able to go to a ReAL Salt Lake soccer game. It was freezing but a lot of fun. And they won! They beat the team that won the playoffs last year. One of the days Ruthie and I went to the hotel they were staying at to go swimming with Bode and Gelsey while the dads worked. Bode is four days older than Ruthie and may be the sweetest little boy I have ever met. He is much more cuddly than Ruthie. It was really fun to see them together. It's pretty crazy because Gelsey is four days older than Justin. Justin was disappointed that we didn't beat them this time. It was funny because the whole week either I forgot my camera or Gelsey forgot hers so I don't have pictures of everything yet. After looking at the pictures you guys will understand why we had the best weekend ever! They are the cutest funnest family! Thanks for making time for us and we can't wait to see you again!

Family Pictures at our apartment:

ReAL Salt Lake Soccer Game:

Matsu Sushi Grill:

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