Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just like YOU

Ruthie LOVES her cousins. Whenever they are around she wants nothing to do with me. She becomes a little copycat. She seriously idolizes them, especially Andi and Kate.
Well we were so lucky to have both of them visit this weekend! On Friday Jodi and the kids came to play with us at the dinosaur museum. Their favorite part was the sand water with the hidden dinosaurs.

They really liked the ice cream too. The best part is the kiddie ice cream cone is free for three year olds and younger and only 25 cents for everyone else. I can do that!
Cohen was such a sweetie and shared his Buzz doll with Naomi. She loved it!
Then later that night my sister Kathryn and her family came in town and stayed with us for the weekend. Ruthie was glued to Kates side. Seriously look at how close she is standing next to her.

We got to play lots of dress up while Kate's parents, older brothers, and Justin went to the BYU game to watch the cougs win! Anyways while the princesses, me, and Naomi were playing picnic one of us (Naomi) tooted. Kate looked at me and asked "who did that?" I told her Naomi and asked her do you toot? She looked at me and said "No. Princesses do NOT toot. And we are princesses." Well Ruthie I guess did not feel the same way for she stood up at that exact moment and pushed hard while looking at her bum to get a toot out then busted up laughing when she succeeded. NICE Ruthie very princesses like!

the girls in their matching pjammie j's from grandma!

We love you cousins!!


Alli Waldron said...

It's so nice to have cousins close in age!!! I have to say that I loved the tooting story. Unfortunately Vance also thinks it's hilarious when he farts. I really didn't think that started at such a young age :(

Kipp and Gelsey said...

Oh my goodness, I am still laughing at the tooting story. Thats AWESOME. At least Ruthie knows how to keep it real, right? Maybe she just wanted to let Naomi know that she can be a princess too, toots or no toots! Cute pictures... you can tell that Ruthie just adores her cousins.

Emily said...

Cousins are the best!! I love all the cute pictures! Your girls are darling

Anderson's said...

We miss you guys!

Alli Waldron said...

I always have Chad come with me when we take pictures and he does whatever will make Vance laugh. I would say 85-90% of the pictures are genuine smiles. If I just ask him to smile he gives the super-cheesy not-so-cute smile. It probably takes us over an hour (and a lot of patience) to get any good ones. That's why I like taking them myself because I'm not in a hurry. Sometimes we take breaks for snacks. Basically we let him run the show ;)